Sophie Rose Rosalee

music by Wynton Marsalis & lyrics by Lisa Kirchner

When the moon is on its knee
And the world is on its side
Dreams may collide
Rivers run through
Time in a hue
Star light and you
There’s a wave inside a tree
Come listen there with me
A waltz that is so lovely
There in the branches
A ghost in the light
Breathes in the shadows
And sings in the night….Oh

There’s a season on the bay
We will weather on the way
Winter in June
Rain in the fall
A Harvest Moon
A hearth and all
We’ll go drifting on the day
On wings above the sea
On waves of precious memory
Steering a dream
On a river of light
Sailing the stars
On a ship in the night…Oh

There’s a forest in the sky
Where the Amazon rolls by
Rivers unwind
Leaves made of grass
Hours in a glass
Sand full of time
Raining pennies on the sea
Clouds clinging to a tree
The seasons pass so madly
Can you imagine
Horizons of rose
Passions unrationed
Unfastened who knows?….Oh

© Lisa Kirchner. All rights reserved.
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