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Music and Lyrics by Lisa Kirchner BMI

Ever night on Riverside
City lights still burning bright
From Jersey to Manhattan
And I still wonder what happened

To a little girl in Berkeley
On a back porch filled with flowers
Dreaming for hours every day
Till the lights went on, she looked out on
The San Francisco bay

And every day on the Westside highway
Sky is always hazy
Water makes me high and I cry
Taxi drivers think I’m crazy

The morning sun never knew my name
Bright and early every day it came
Shining love right into my heart
Tearing me apart ‘cause I never knew
I wanted all that love from you

You hurt me more than I can ever say
You were all my life you wore my heart away
And when I go where no one knows you now
They’ll know you somehow by the dark shadow
Follows me wherever I go

I used to think should you go I’d know
That all my life was behind me
That I’d lose my will to those Berkeley hills
In a memory you told me so many times
You were the only friend I’d ever find

Now I’m spending money like a movie star
Meeting friends in the local bar
City people talk of life and art
Make a brand new start all on our own
All runaways from home

© Lisa Kirchner. All rights reserved.
All songs reproduced here are under copyright to Lisa Kirchner/BMI and Lisa Kirchner Music BMI. All rights reserved. For charts and lyric sheets please contact Lisa Kirchner: lisa@lisakirchner.com