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Red Wine and White Lies

Red Wine and White Lies

Music and Lyrics by Lisa Kirchner BMI

Alibis and your green eyes
Red wine and white lies
Memories and harmony
Time lost and history
They break my heart so easily
A night in the dark can still move me
The flash of thunder bright
And a marquee light

Your face and a sigh so sweet
My place and your heart beat
Silver moon and a pale white sheet
In the shadow light where souls can meet
Time can’t erase the memory of
Amazing grace in a kind of love
The magic and the flight
Of a midsummer night

The stars shine on in the shadows blue
Sometimes I think of you
Do you remember now and then
The way you held me way back when

Summer day and a voice I knew
Sugar tell me how are you?
Time unbroken passes through
Words unspoken and you
We talk about our troubles deep
Years of pain and a change complete
But one thing is the same
Sugar’s still my name

© Lisa Kirchner. All rights reserved.
All songs reproduced here are under copyright to Lisa Kirchner/BMI and Lisa Kirchner Music BMI. All rights reserved. For charts and lyric sheets please contact Lisa Kirchner: lisa@lisakirchner.com