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I Don't Believe In Romance by Lisa Kirchner and James Weidman

I Don’t Believe In Romance

music James Weidman & lyrics Lisa Kirchner

The way that lovers do
It’s only a need for something new
A read through a tale that’s not very true
I don’t believe in love at a glance
In hearts on fire and souls that dance
I don’t believe, I won’t believe, I don’t believe in romance

I don’t believe in romance
The way I believed in you
It’s only a burning a shot of the flu
The seed of a yearning for something to rue
I don’t believe in belief in advance
In destiny, or fate or chance
I don’t believe, I won’t believe
I don’t believe in romance

Love is a beautiful illusion
That always leads to an old conclusion
It’s new and it’s fun
‘Til the math is done
And you know the duo is two minus one

I don’t believe in romance
The way that lover’s do
It’s only a dish of a bird in a stew
A fish of a feather that’s salty and blue
I don’t believe in a horse or a lance
Or magic and castles in England or France
I can’t believe, no I don’t believe
I don’t believe in romance

© Lisa Kirchner. All rights reserved.
All songs reproduced here are under copyright to Lisa Kirchner/BMI and Lisa Kirchner Music BMI. All rights reserved. For charts and lyric sheets please contact Lisa Kirchner: lisa@lisakirchner.com