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Blue By The River

Blue By The River

Music by Galt MacDermot SESAC and Lyrics by Lisa Kirchner BMI
(c) 1998

It’s blue by the river
The moon is hanging down.
It’s full to overflowing raining silver on the town.
Half a mind I had for Texas, you know or Mexico-
Whatever plain would heal my pain
That’s where I would go.
But it’s blue by the river
Where thoughts are free as dreams.
The water soothes like wine and so
I’ll stay in New Orleans

Steamboats on the water,
Paint the sky above
Silent as your kisses
Smooth, untouched by love.
Revelers mesh in costume
To music all around
They laugh you see but love like me
And stars rain silver down.
But it’s blue by the river
Where swirling kings and queens
Toast the ships, your lips and say
“That’s one for New Orleans”

One day the tears will fall,
You’ll hang upon a word.
You’ll sing the sky by numbers
To a tune you’ve never heard.
Keep in mind the time you spend
In reverie as you lie,
The call to noon will haunt you soon
As love sails madly by.
But it’s blue by the river,
The vein of time redeems.
Laugh but oh! one day you’ll know
This port at New Orleans

© Lisa Kirchner. All rights reserved.
All songs reproduced here are under copyright to Lisa Kirchner/BMI and Lisa Kirchner Music BMI. All rights reserved. For charts and lyric sheets please contact Lisa Kirchner: lisa@lisakirchner.com